Practising Kindness – Make Someone’s Day

Practising Kindness – Make Someone’s Day

practising kindness

Sometimes we get so consumed in our own thoughts, our own needs and wants, and our own worries, and for the most part of the day, that becomes the center of our lives. We become less kind to others than we intended to, and consequently, also less kind to ourselves.

It may sound ironic, but at times, practising kindness, and focusing more on others than ourselves would help improve our own mood and quality of lives. For just a small part of each day, when interacting with someone, try to think about what you can do to improve their lives or make them feel happier even by just a little. You could take a few minutes to listen to them, to help them out with something, or to offer them food or words of encouragement.

Instead of being too over-concerned with yourself and wallowing in self pity, sometimes the more productive and effective thing to do would be to bring a smile of joy to the face of another – and maybe that could also produce a smile on your face as well.

Similarly, in your encounters with strangers in the lift, at the supermarket, at your workplace, you could always smile with warmth, make a prayer or blessing to the stranger, and hope that the stranger would have a great day. It may sound ridiculous, but you never know…by practising kindness, a tiny gesture like that could warm both your heart and make someone’s day. ­čÖé

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