Dealing with Trying Times – Worst Day Ever

Dealing with Trying Times – Worst Day Ever

Hello! The past month has been quite testing to say the least. I experienced my worst day ever (not exaggerating!) just last week.

Here’s a short summary of how that day went:

1) At work I was the chosen sacrifice to replace a colleague on this project which requires you to travel to the other end of Singapore a few days a week. On top of my 8 other projects and clinic work, I have no idea how I’m supposed to squeeze this in. I tried to tell my boss about this and he said “we’ll discuss this later” (which never happened).

2) After work, I was looking forward to just unwind and temporarily forget about my work dilemmas. And that was when my boyfriend and I had a fight and he told me he doesn’t think our relationship would work out after all. It has been trying times for us relationship-wise, and hearing that was quite heartbreaking. (We are still trying and working on it now though).

3) My mum kept scolding me for things I didn’t do and you know how mums’ words can really hurt. At this point I was already (secretly) in tears.

4) By the time I was done making my green smoothie and reheating my dinner (leftover bread from the night before) while getting scolded by my mum, it was already 9pm+. I was looking forward to finally sit down and eat something, when my hand went to knock over the full cup of water next to my laptop. I thought everything was fine after wiping the table dry but the keys on my laptop stopped working T- T.

Clearly, Satan was coming for me that day.

The weeks after at work have been quite busy (in a not very productive way) and not all that good either.

In reframing all these negative events, I shall take this period as a character-building chance for me to put all the resilience/positive values I’ve read and learnt and written about to the test.

Some days I do feel quite drained, powerless and it seems like I have little control over my current situation… but it’s during these times when it’s most important to have control over my mind, have faith in myself and search deep for meaning within this trying period.

Any and all comments are welcome!