Things To Do When Feeling Sick

Things To Do When Feeling Sick

I’ve been down with food poisoning for the past 2 days. I felt so sick and terrible from all the projectile vomiting that I couldn’t eat nor sleep much. Thankfully right now I’m on the road to recovery and I am feeling slightly more ready to return to work tomorrow!

Here’s what I did, and what you could do when you’re feeling sick:

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     1. Watch Videos/Shows

When you feel too sick to do anything productive, being a consumer and just watching shows and videos is about the best thing you could do. I watched my favourite youtubers (Dan and Phil), watched some ASMR videos, listened to some deep TED talks, watched some anime (started on Code Geass) and caught up on the latest music videos.


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   2. Chat with Friends

I feel so lucky to have caring friends and colleagues text me randomly to ask how I’m feeling and to rest and recover well! Even though I felt too nauseous to actually meet up with people and socialize, that didn’t stop me from getting my conversational medicine through the form of text messages. Having many siblings around at home helped a lot as well. I also remember reading that hanging out with someone is vital during recovery!


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3. Do Something Productive

If you’re feeling slightly better and you’re sick of consuming, you can start creating things! I spent some time editing a Japan ~mood~ video which I’ve always wanted to do but had no time for. I also (oops not recommended) replied some work emails hehe. And right now I’m blogging and looking through other bloggers’ posts and commenting on their work! You could also take time to declutter your stuff, to tie up loose ends, and do something you’ve always wanted to do (watercoloring??).

Remember to drink up, stay hydrated and absorb lots of rest too! Let me know what you guys tend to do when you’ve fallen sick. 🙂


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