Praise Yourself – Give Yourself Credit

Praise Yourself – Give Yourself Credit


Some days, we are too busy chasing deadlines and goals that we forget to praise and give ourselves credit for our accomplishments and successes.

Today, let’s give ourselves credit for all the good things we’ve done, and bad things we haven’t done, no matter how little or big.

Here’s 10 things I’m proud of myself for at this moment:

  • Handling a difficult colleague with patience
  • Having exercised 2-3 times a week for the past 4 months
  • Helping to resolve a misunderstanding during today’s meeting
  • Consistently hanging out with friends and not secluding myself at home whenever I’m free
  • Striving to eat healthily for most of my meals
  • Not having to rely on coffee or caffeine
  • Almost completing my research project on my own ahead of time
  • Diligently saving money and not frivolously spending
  • Reading a couple of positive ebooks over these past months
  • Adapting well at the workplace despite graduating just a couple months back

What’s one thing you’re proud of yourself for today? 🙂

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