Our 2nd Anniversary!

Our 2nd Anniversary!

Hello everyone! Last weekend, mitch and I celebrated our second anniversary together. It feels like we got together just a short while ago, and time pretty much just flew by.

We decided to make some DIY terrariums as terrarium workshops were quite pricey, ranging from $30~$50 lol. We managed to make 4 terrariums with the materials we bought (and even had leftover materials at the end). We got the soil, rocks, figurines, activated charcoal and moss from Qoo10, glass bottles from Daiso, and plants we dug up around Bedok Reservoir hahaha. In the end it cost us only about $10+ each to make 4 terrariums.

Here’s our materials!

Some of the random plants we dug up from around the reservoir. Hope they don’t die on us or something. I’ll give an update on the terrariums soon!

After filling the glass bottle with pebbles, activated charcoal and sphagnum moss.


Poor bunnies put to rest in some moss lolol.

Yup we managed to get some mimosa plants in there too. I don’t think they live long do they? ‘- ‘ oops

This tiny glass bottle was so difficult to fill up cause it was so tall and had such a small hole to put the plants and soil into!

What we had in the end! Ok the lighting from the laptop was too bright hahaha but in reality they looked quite green and foresty.


This one’s my favorite because it had enough space to fit some real plants, moss, figurine bunnies and fake sakura tree hahaha.


Upin Hot Pot

We had dinner at a hotpot place that’s been said to have nicer tomato soup than Hai Di Lao and with cheaper prices! I think the soups were really comparable to HDL’s soups, but the quality of ingredients couldn’t beat that of HDL (at least the shops I tried in Guangzhou). We spent about $45 per pax which was quite pricey and possibly similar to the price of HDL??? D’: But overall we had a great meal!

Ordered the Mala (numbing spicy) and tomato soups! Also had trouble understanding the staff because of my really poor Chinese lol. I need to brush up on my chinese soo bad!

At around 7pm+ they had some kind of mask-changing performance hahahaha which was quite amusing. The guy who’s behind this mask was also the same guy who did the ‘noodle dance’ for us when making our handmade noodles lol. He was kind of just winging it and the noodles touched us a few times while he was spinning it around us hahahaha but it was pretty funny compared to the professional noodle dance at hai di lao.

Walked around Clarke Quay after that. I think seeing this place from a tourist’s eyes must be quite pretty, with pretty colors and lights, although as a local you get used to it after awhile.

We also watched people do this bungee ride by the Singapore river. It was really crazy cause the ride goes up reallyyyyyyyyyyy high (the view must’ve been nice but I would probably be praying to all the gods in the world if I was up there) before freefalling and swinging around. Looks like a really intense pirate ship ride.

As mitch and I both get busier, I hope we continue to make time for each other. 😀

Any and all comments are welcome!