Gratefulness List – Things I’m Grateful For

Gratefulness List – Things I’m Grateful For

Writing down a list of things you’re grateful for, especially on a daily basis, has been proven to improve one’s well-being and boost positive mood.

Here’s my list as a recap of last week. I’m grateful that..

  • I managed to thoroughly make full use of, learn and enjoy going to work last Saturday
  • My friend chose to stay back to accompany me for lunch so I didn’t have to eat alone
  • Having a great workplace environment
  • Being able to spend the whole Sunday with mitch just hanging out and cycling around the reservoir
  • Not needing to spend money at all last weekend as my mum cooked food and I also manage dto find free food along the way (lol)
  • The natural positivity I’m currently feeling for this week

Hope you guys will have a nice week too! ­čÖé

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  1. I like this post! In the past, I was making my gratitude journal. To be honest, this practice is helpful to become more optimistic about life. Also, this practice allow me to be grateful for the smallest thing in live.

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