9 Questions to Ask When Feeling Down/Sad

9 Questions to Ask When Feeling Down/Sad

Hello! I fell sick today, and have work tomorrow (it’s a Saturday) because I’m in charge of a focus group discussion. But it’s okay, trying not to feel down about this because I’m gonna make going to work on the weekend worth it, have fun, and learn a lot from it!

It’s been pouring a lot lately, I’ve exercised much less this week, and have been feeling more stressed, sad and upset than usual…let’s turn this frown upside down.

What to Do When Feeling Down:

1. Are you hungry?

When was the last time you ate? Are you having enough fruits and vegetables in your diet? Sometimes people can get so busy that they forget to eat. In a way, being lost in a process like that could be fulfilling, but without sustenance, your productivity will surely be affected.

And when you eat, are you thoroughly enjoying your food or thinking about other more stressful things? Are you chewing properly?

2. Are you thirsty?

Have you had enough water lately? If not, go get a cup of water, place it beside you and keep sipping from it as you go about your day!

3. Are you tired?

How many hours have you been sleeping these days? Is that enough? Has your quality of sleep been good, or have you found yourself waking up several times a night? If you have problems sleeping, try to keep away from light (emitting from laptop screens, phones, lamps etc) an hour before you plan to go to sleep.

You could lay around comfortably listening to music or an audiobook. (PS: lately I’ve been listening to/reading “How to stop worrying and start living” and it’s been pretty interesting and enlightening!)

4. Have you been moving about or exercising?

Exercise. It prevents you from diseases and keeps you mentally and physically fit and strong. If you’re wondering how you could start, try downloading the app “SWORKIT”. You could set a timing of just 5 minutes on the app to do a set of exercises with demonstrations, and you have the flexibility to choose whether you want to work on cardio/strength/flexibility.

5. Are you lonely?

When was the last time you met up with your friends? Or the last time you had a moment of quality conversation with a person? Message someone, just a hi, or say something random. Life is too short to think that you might be bothering others. And through personal experience I’ve found that by loving and being interested in others, others too, become interested in you.

6. Are you beating yourself up over something?

Maybe you didn’t reach your expectations today. Or maybe it’s something else. It’s okay, because some things are just not in our control. The only thing we can control is our minds and our attitudes about something. (This is a core value of the philosophy of stoicism – you can google or youtube it to find out more!). So reset yourself, take a deep breath and be braver for tomorrow.

7. Are you clean?

How many times do you bathe/shower a day? Have you accomplished that today? If so, good job! Sometimes a hot shower acts as a good mechanism to wash away the worries of yesterday, tomorrow and today.

8. Have you been using your phone/laptop for hours?

I myself tend to fall into the death trap of endless scrolling, scrolling and scrolling down the depths of Facebook, Instagram, sometimes Twitter, and in the past, Tumblr. And when you’re done with one social media platform, you could easily move on to the next. STOP!!! Set yourself a time limit for scrolling. And go do something, make something, create something, engage in something which you enjoy.

9. Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Does your mind feel really messy and scattered? If you feel as if it’s difficult to focus on your current task, even if it’s just eating or chilling, and your mind keeps worrying about something, try mindfulness meditation! You could also go exercise as the endorphins would help immensely.

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