After our 8hour flight back home from Japan, as we dragged our tired bodies and minds to the arrival hall, we met Mitch’s brother and his wife. They told us that Mimi (Mitch’s cat) passed away the morning of our flight, and our world and hearts were torn apart.

We headed to his house, saw mimi, cried a lot, stroked and brushed him, said our goodbyes and waited for the cremator to come receive him.

I can’t believe I cried uncontrollably for a long time despite knowing mimi for just a small fraction of his life. But I’d sometimes spend forever sitting in mitch’s living room alone just combing and playing with this cute and feisty fatty furball because I love him. Thanks for taking care of and being Mitch’s best friend for the past 14 years. Goodbye Mimi. ❤️

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