Sooo I have my driving practical test the day after tomorrow. And I’m really really nervous! I actually shouldn’t be that nervous because I’ve practised enough and being nervous wouldn’t really help. But dem emotions don’t listen to logic. I gotta learn how to let the nervousness pull me through. Turn it into motivation and adrenaline and confidence (easier said than done tho?!???)

For the next 2 nights I shall imagine myself going through the test with a scary tester so I’m less afraid when I’m actually in the test. I once did this before for my Chemistry lab practical and it helped in consolidating the steps in my head. Forgot about this nifty lil trick.

And it’s ok if I fail because I can just try again. And again and again and again. (Though I have limited money to afford so many attempts. But money can be earned again!)

I can do this. Ok. Ok. Ok. OK!!!!


Any and all comments are welcome!