NUS Module Review: Yr 2 Sem 2 (2014/15)

NUS Module Review: Yr 2 Sem 2 (2014/15)

Hey guys! So I’m 1 year late for this module review (cuz I’m so good at procrastinating, too much for my own good) lol. But ayyy I’m finally starting it ok!

SSS1207: Natural Heritage of Singapore

I really really enjoyed this mod despite previously having -10 knowledge on nature..or plants..or animals..or nature in singapore. There are no tutorials (awesummm), only 2 lectures per week. Readings are very manageable (only like 10+ pages for each lecture and the book is smaller than A4 and has pictures!! It’s like reading a kids’ nature book so I liked doing my readings for this mod).

Final exams were open-book MCQs but there’s not a lot of time to flip through everything, so it’s useful to make a list of the topics/plants/animals with the relevant page in the textbook so you can refer more quickly!

Mid terms: 30% MCQ

Group project: 25% group poster on a natural habitat with its plants/animals. my group went to pulau ubin!

IVLE participation: 5%

Finals: 40% MCQ open book

I’m really glad I took this mod – the lecturers were amusing, content was interesting (i like learning random facts, esp about nature lol), exams were relatively easy (but doesn’t mean can score well ok cause there’ll be plenty of life science majors around who probably know more than you do).

Rating – 1 being least and 5 being most. 

Difficulty in understanding: 1/5 

Workload: 1/5 

Self-study time required: 2/5

PL3252: Social-Cognitive Perspectives of Emotion

This was taught by Prof Eddie Tong, who’s a really funny and motivating lecturer. He puts blanks in his lecture notes so we don’t fall asleep and fill them in lol. His lectures are filled with interesting studies, nuggets of life lessons and occasionally he talks about snippets of his own life as well. They made a really good end to my friday each week! *-*

Readings from the textbook were optional and the prof mostly asked us to focus on lecture notes and tutorial papers.

There was supposed to be a mid term exam, but it became a take-home essay paper because of clashes with some public holidays. For tutorials, each week we have groups presenting about the assigned paper for the week (focusing on a particular emotion). My friend and I (we presented in pairs) did a presentation on anger and we were so stressed because our class seemed so fierce and we were so ready to counter all kinds of questions/arguments during the presentation but suddenly the class seemed nicer that day thank u!!!

The final exams consisted of MCQs and short essay questions. I found the MCQs really tricky and difficult, and the prof did warn us about how tricky it’ll be to separate the better students from the mediocre ones (shit i guess i’m just mediocre T__T…). The short essay questions, in contrast, were manageable!

This was an enjoyable mod but I didn’t do well in it lol. 🙁 (dilemmas of being an average student who just wants to learn). Oh, and this mod was also listed under this ‘10 uber cool modules for students‘ article!

Rating – 1 being least and 5 being most. 

Difficulty in understanding: 3/5 

Workload: 3/5 

Self-study time required: 3/5

PL3234: Developmental Psychology

Prof John Elliott taught this module! He’s really amusing and he’s the first psych prof I encountered in NUS (for PL1101E) so I really like him even though I never fail to fall asleep in his lectures every week lol. Guess I really don’t have an interest in developmental psych D’:

For our term paper we had to do a mini thesis, and I did mine on a totally random topic lol (food selectivity in mildly autistic children). It was really interesting researching for it though and I learnt quite some stuff from this assignment! I honestly think we should have more assignments instead of exams because I don’t learn much/at all for tests and exams (except maybe learn how to write fast).

Finals was essay-based, and I suck at timed essays (why am i in arts) so…. nuff said!

Rating – 1 being least and 5 being most. 

Difficulty in understanding: 2/5 

Workload: 2/5 

Self-study time required: 4/5

PL3233: Cognitive Psychology

I honestly didn’t have any interest in cognitive psych previously, so I didn’t think I’d enjoy this mod, but suddenly Mr.PL3233 came out from nowhere and gave me rainbows and sparkles in my brain (slight over-exaggeration….maybe).
My prof was Travellia Tjokro and she’s always really bright and happy and considerate to us students *_* (except for when she was the only prof amongst all my mods that didn’t cancel classes for cny lol. still luv her tho). Almost every lecture she’ll ask us how we’re doing and if you’re having a good day you give a thumbs up, if not thumbs down, and if you’re doing okay, then horizontal thumbs lol and I find that so cute.
Readings and doing notes for the readings were enjoyable for some reason (???) and her lectures and lecture notes were pretty clear and not too lengthy too. She also puts blanks in her notes so that we don’t fall asleep and fill them in lol. There were a few essays to do, and mid terms and finals consisted of short answer questions (like 10-15 lines per question. or something like that? i forgot :X oops). Finals were not cumulative, meaning the chapters that were tested during mid terms did not come out again in finals (which was awesummmm)!

Rating – 1 being least and 5 being most. 

Difficulty in understanding: 3/5 

Workload: 3/5 

Self-study time required: 3/5

LAJ2203: Japanese 4

Busy busy busy as usual!

And also as usual, despite chiba sensei telling me that I did well in oral exam and despite doing well for all the mini quizzes, it wasn’t enough and I didn’t get such a good grade in the end ;____ ;

It’s so hard to score for japanese!

Surprisingly though, i found japanese 4 more manageable than japanese 3. There were less difficult word forms although we starting learning keigo (honorifics).

I didn’t continue japanese 5 after that because of some module clashes on exchange 🙁 I’ll probably revise on my own and then do japanese 5/6 (depending) for the next semester. I’m not sure! It’s sad that I left the japanese cohort though 🙁 the same cohort that I’ve been learning japanese with for 2 years sob sob…

MAIKU MIRAA SAN I WILL MISS U. Along with gupta san and shimito san and the rest of the fictional characters in the textbook lol.

Rating – 1 being least and 5 being most. 

Difficulty in understanding: 2/5 

Workload: 4/5 

Self-study time required: 5/5

Yr 1 Sem 1: x (pl1101e, js1101e, laj1201, sc1101e, el1101e)

Yr 1 Sem 2: x (el2201, pl2131, pl3232, pl3235, laj2201)

Yr 2 Sem 1: x (pl2132, pl3236, pl3240, gek1508, laj2202)

Yr 2 Sem 2: x (sss1207, pl3252, pl3234, pl3233, laj2203)

Yr 3 Sem 2: x (acc1002x, gek1049, pl3287, pl4207, pl4880j)

Yr 4 Sem 1: x (gek1900, lab1201, pl4228, pl4206)

Yr 4 Sem 2: x (pl4401, pl4480g)

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