NUS Module Review: Yr 1 Sem 2 (2013/14)

NUS Module Review: Yr 1 Sem 2 (2013/14)

I can’t believe I’m gonna be a Year 2 soon.

Each sem passes so quickly, each holiday passes so quickly, which makes each year pass as quickly. +___+

My stay at kent ridge hall in sem2 was a really short (about 11 weeks?) time.

It was really painful at first, having to live away from my family for 5days/week out of a sudden (i didn’t receive my offer to kr until the day before school started wtf).

There were nights when I cried, and I had to cry as silently as I could because my neighbours might hear me lol.

The people there were really really welcoming and friendly, but you know how sometimes you don’t and can’t seem to feel comfortable around some people no matter how hard you try? There are some people that seem too good for you, that you find yourself not worthy to be their friend? And then there are others that threaten your amygdala and make you want to be cautious around them because you think they might backstab you someday, do you know what I mean?

Well i met a few of this and that, but I’ve also met some (ok a few) (ok maybe like 2) (or 1) really nice people that I felt I could click with, and I’m thankful to have met them!

So overall staying at kr was a good experience, except I wish I came in sem 1, when bonds were just starting to be built. Going in sem 2 made me feel like an outsider intruding in on a family (blk c!) that were too nice to refuse me. :'(

But anyway, I’m going to ridge view residences next sem! really can’t wait to stay so close to arts (kr is like a 10min walk away from the deck but i had to climb 2 slopes all the time which was sooo tiring…but there’s stairs from rvr to yih to arts for which I’m unsure of whether it’s better than slopes or not)! And since it’s a residence I probably won’t have to make friends with my neighbours…? I’m sorry I don’t do well in social situations lol.


PL2131: Research & Statistical Methods 1

Prof Stephen Lim’s a really engaging lecturer, and he can be very thorough at parts that he knows most students are confused about. But there are also some parts he briefly touches on (and for that you’ve to read the textbook).

He constantly stresses that the textbook is just a supplemental material and that only his lecture materials are examinable, which makes the module very relaxing.

It took a bit of time for me to grasp the concepts, we couldn’t really just memorize the info. And I thought I screwed up my finals (ok i guess i did kind of) because i spent too much time in the first section (theory part) and should have moved on to the calculating section when it was time to. ;_ ;

In the end I couldn’t finish the paper (probably a lot of others couldn’t as well).

But I’m really glad I took this module under him! He made it easier to understand and as relaxing as it possibly could have been.

I hate how the past year papers don’t have answers though :'(

Rating – 1 being least and 5 being most.

Difficulty in understanding: 3/5

Workload: 2/5

Self-study time: 4/5


PL3232: Biological Psychology

Dr.Stuart’s new in teaching in nus, or asia for that matter, so he wasn’t so sure as to what to do for tutorials etc.

During lecture he mainly talked about philosophical stuff, and I much prefer this to bio stuff (and i didn’t take bio since sec2 so i practically died).

We had to write lots of essays for the mid term and final papers, and i suck at essays/memory work (remind me why/how i’m majoring in psych again) so I died again.

I like how he tries to make us think about the philo stuff though, I’ve never noticed the possibility that the colours (e.g. my ‘blue’) i see can be different from others’ (e.g. other people’s ‘blue’). Or the fact that when we say something is heavy, it is not the object that is heavy, but our subjective perception of the object. He’s also passed onto us the mind-boggling question of how our consciousness exists, and how our mind controls our body, assuming that our thoughts do not just come from spontaneously activating neurons.

As much as I enjoyed most of his lectures, I still don’t like bio (even though i’m practically made up of it) and it’s such a relief that I’ve got this over and done with. :’)

rating – 1 being least and 5 being most.

difficulty in understanding: 3/5

workload: 2/5

self-study time: 5/5


PL3235: Social Psychology

Possibly my favourite out of all the psych core modules.

I love social psych!

Dr. Tsai is a super engaging and amusing lecturer despite/because of her heavy taiwanese accent.

Idk why but, unlike others, people with accents keep me engaged rather than turn me off lol.

We had to do a storybook project which involved coming up with a story involving concepts learnt in social psych. We then had to make it into a real book and come up with a presentation in front of our tutorial class! This was very troublesome (once i stayed till over 11pm at utown and missed the shuttle bus…then I had to walk all the way from utown to kr hall/biz area alone at that unearthly hour sobs. Took me 45 mins i think) yet fun and somewhat helped me make some acquaintances within my group.

Stuff you learn in social psych is similar to common sense, but it’s necessary to learn the names of the concepts and the experiments learnt during tutorials.

I kinda neglected what we learnt during tutorials and had a hard time doing the short answer questions which involved only the studies we learnt in tutorials T___T

Mid terms were mcqs, finals were short answer and mcq.

Ah how I love mcq :’D

Also got my first A…:’) I wanna thank my parents for bringing me up and not deciding to throw me in a rubbish bin when i was born, the bell curve god whom i’ve never prayed to and my under appreciated self. /casually floods the room with tears

Rating – 1 being least and 5 being most.

Difficulty in understanding: 2/5

Workload: 4/5

Self-study time: 4/5

EL2201: Structure of Sentences and Meaning

It was easy at first because the first few lectures were practically a recap of EL1101E but later on it became harder and harder.

Questions required more thinking, creativity and bending of the rules and principles we’ve learnt previously. Rules were constantly revised and revised almost weekly +_+

Well I’m glad for the opportunity to be able to think actively, but sometimes it got really hard which made me feel like I was gonna fail the module. ;_ ;

Thankfully, finals were open book (which also meant the notes were useless and it’s up to our brains) and the questions weren’t that difficult…there was 1 question that was quite open and required creative answers. And…*whispers* i’ll never know if i was right or not :O

(also i’ve long forgotten the question or my answer already)

Rating – 1 being least and 5 being most.

Difficulty in understanding: 4/5

Workload: 3/5

Self-study time: 3/5

LAJ2201: Japanese 2

The system and workload’s pretty similar to laj1101 because we’re still under the same lecturer.

And I’ve had the privilege this sem to have her as my tutor for 2/3 weekly tutorials. she’s really really hardworking, always in a happy mood and really encouraging and nice. :’) Makes me think that all japanese are that nice T___T

After I screwed up my oral exam, she emailed me (in japanese) saying I left a worksheet with her and continued saying that even though i was nervous for my oral exam at first, i did well towards the end. Ahahhaha……….

Needless to say I’ve started to grown attached to her and will be continuing to japanese 3…seriously hope she’ll be the lecturer as well!

Japanese reallyyyy takes up a lot (most) of my studying time but i like the language and japanese culture a lot, so why not study it now rather than waiting till i’m a grown up to study it independently (besides the fact that it’ll affect my cap)?

Rating – 1 being least and 5 being most.

Difficulty in understanding: 3/5

Workload: 5/5

Self-study time: 5/5

Yr 1 Sem 1: x (pl1101e, js1101e, laj1201, sc1101e, el1101e)

Yr 1 Sem 2: x (el2201, pl2131, pl3232, pl3235, laj2201)

Yr 2 Sem 1: x (pl2132, pl3236, pl3240, gek1508, laj2202)

Yr 2 Sem 2: x (sss1207, pl3252, pl3234, pl3233, laj2203)

Yr 3 Sem 2: x (acc1002x, gek1049, pl3287, pl4207, pl4880j)

Yr 4 Sem 1: x (gek1900, lab1201, pl4228, pl4206)

Yr 4 Sem 2: x (pl4401, pl4480g)

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