What makes me truly happy

What makes me truly happy

This list also serves as a self-reminder on what I need/can do when I’m feeling down:

1) Exercise

2) Being indoors during rainy weather while drinking hot green tea (so specific)

3) Taking a walk through nature

4) Discovering new music and engaging in creative stuff

5) Making progress on my thesis/singing/driving/self development

6) Earning money

7) Making new friends

8) Hanging out with close friends and family

9) Being able to talk heart-to-heart with someone

10) Playing with pets

11) Reading fictional books

12) Waking up to a feel-good dream (despite forgetting its contents almost immediately)

13) Eating healthily

14) Starting my day early and productively

15) Hugs

16) Travelling with someone I love

17) Completing a tough task and feeling proud of myself at the end of the day

18) Eating unhealthily

19) Being able to sleep in and have a whole day just to myself

20) Knowing I am cared for and loved by those I love

Any and all comments are welcome!