2 days ago we went to Shinjuku ward office for residence card and national health insurance registration.

And then while waiting for the procedures to be done we went to get lunch at Wako Tonkatsu.

I’m not really a big fan of tonkatsu cause it’s usually pretty dry and some restaurants drizzle too much sauce over it making the taste really heavy. But this…this is the best tonkatsu I’ve ever eaten!!

The set meal came with tonkatsu, clam miso soup and rice for 842 yen!

Definitely going back there again. It’s just at Shinjuku station!

Also, today I tried to make fried noodles…I didn’t drain the noodles so it kind of ended up in the same state as my soggy rice the previous time. I didn’t use the chilli sauce this time though, so it was actually edible!

I feel so embarrassed because I can’t cook for nuts but other people can just somehow easily whip up something without trying. T. T but I feel myself improving! Hopefully by the end of exchange I’ll be able to make a few decent meals ^-^!

The contrast with the tonkatsu pic tho


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